Amazonia Raw

This collection of ceramic objects was made while living in Brazil and doing a ceramic practice at Hilda Salomão’s Ateliê. It was inspired in the wild Amazon jungle, using objects I found around as the palmeira folha which I used as a cast to then recreate it in red clay representing the beauty and the perfection of nature. The aborigen head represents how their heads are not cluttered with bullshit and have space for the really important things. The dish represent the rituals, the food and the basic necessities. The would represent the animal is inside us. This wild collection represent the return to the wild and natural sources.
These pieces were made of different types of clay and finishing techniques – as freestyle, moulding, paneling, raw and glazed – using an earthy colour palette.

Freestyle ceramic + glaze + raw

  • Personal project
  • Bahia, Brasil
  • 2018