Celeste Hampton, About the Artist

Celeste is a London based artist and self-taught graphic designer who graduated in fashion design at The London College of Fashion. Born in London and raised in Buenos Aires, she spent her life between Argentina, Brazil, Spain and England.
While in Brazil she founded AGUA SURFWEAR, a UPF50+ surfwear brand specially created for wild active mermaids @aguasurfwearbrasil . Meanwhile, she learned ceramic techniques and developed a versatile home product collection for @casahomeware along with her famous "wish-bowls" – beautiful magic bowls made with intention – used to burn desires and manifest wishes, which became popular among a small witch community.
« I love contrasts and colours, and my multidisciplinary art practice moves seamlessly between digital and analog using textiles, inks, ceramics, photography and digital tools to express my designs. I draw my inspiration from nature, fashion and art, which I research and practice while on trips and adventures.
At the moment I am focusing in surface pattern design, creating wild textile prints as a free-lancer. I rely on my artistic instincts to create original artwork for my unique print collections. You can check out my latest work at @celehampton »