Feeling > Plan > Journey

This little trilogy is deeply personal to me.
Some years ago, while doing a ceramic practice at Hilda Salomão’s Ateliê. I did these ceramic pieces randomly, just playing around with the medium and trying out new techniques.

For some reason I decided to bring these pieces with me when I moved to London… and then, during the pandemic in 2020, I had the opportunity to slow down and reflect about my life journey. why and how did I get to this point and place in my life? they started to make sense to me, as if I finally was starting to put together this puzzle that are my life and my decisions. That’s how was born this little trilogy made out of moments represented with clay.
Now I understand that while I was moulding ceramic I was really moulding my life.
I named this 3 piece of artwork “Feeling – Plan – Journey” and it’s my favourite so far.

Glass + freestyle ceramic + glaze

  • Personal project
  • 2020
  • London, UK